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SCALE-UP – An immersive week in Los Angeles for 3 to 5 Scale-ups selected among French Tech Pass and Next 40 companies. We will activate our US network and share our knowledge of the US market to set them up for future success in North America.

PROMOTING FRANCE – An annual event with LA’s most influential tech decision makers.

COMMUNITY – Quarterly networking events.




Conference on inflation and Networking

21st September 2022

FTLA members attended a conference on "the return of inflation, monetary tightening: risks and opportunities" with two guest speakers:

  • Stéphane Lintner CEO, Co-Founder of Jiko and former Managing Director-Equities and Head of Flow Volatility Strategies. Jiko is one of only two FINTECHS with a national banking license in the US. 

  • Romain Rancière, Chairman, Department of Economics, University of Southern California. Before this, he was Senior Economist at the IMF. 

This conference was attended by 60 guests (founders of start-ups / Investors / CEO / CXO of large groups in the FTLA ecosystem) and was followed by a great moment of sharing, in the presence of Julie Duhaut-Bedos. 

Networking event

6th of April 2022

Event in partnership with Business France on the theme of Smart Cities. 

Business France accompanied 6 French technology start-ups to meet with major Californian cities and technology providers, with a 2-day stopover in Los Angeles. Meeting with the LA Mayor's Office of Innovation and LA Bureau of Street Lighting. 

In this context, we linked the business France team with local actors involved in the Smart Cities subject (World Trade Center / Cities / Private actors) and organized a networking event with the FTLA comunity on April 6, 2022. 

The event was attented by 60 guests active in the smart cities sectors / Start-up founders / Investors / CEOs / CXOs of major groups in the FTLA ecosystem, with the presence of Julie Duhaut-Bedos. 

La French Tech "Positive Campaign" 

29th Novembre 2021 

First FTLA networking event in person since late 2019 ! 

After the online events during the covid period, and the cancellation of our last event due to bad weather, it was a joy to finally gather the community in the gardens of the French residence. 

Fred Raillard, co-founder of Fred & Farid, presented the campaign that French Tech Los Angeles wanted to build with the combined talents of Fred & Farid and Evan Spiegel (founder and CEO of Snap) to counteract the preconceived notions about France. 

The event was attended by 60 guests: Founders of starts-ups / Investors / CEOs / CXOs of major groups in the FTLS ecosystem. In the presence of Julie Duhaut-Bedos.


Online Round Tables / Forum, co-organized with French Fouders

17th November, 2021 

Organization and participation in two round tables: 

1. Round table on How to Build a solid Talent Strategy to attract top executive 

With Yohan Brugière, founder of Orbiss and Kristin Langdon, SVP and People offfer of Botify (FT Scale_up) moderated by Armelle Petiau-Levy, FTLA Board Member & Community Lead. 

2. Round table on The Tech Scene in LA is Big

With Ricardo Vasquez, Executive Officer, Mayor's office of economy development @ city of LA / Louise Marie Marguet, Founder and CEO of Emojam (FTLA Start-up) and Nicolas Stehle, Founder and CEO of Scalefast (FTLA Start-up) animated by Armelle Petiau-Levy, FTLA Board member & Community Lead. 

FTLA community online event 

13th of April 2021

Round table: Feedback from the board members of FTLA on the Covid period, with point of views of investors, entrepreneurs and corporates. 


- Alfred Vericel, Co-founder & Managing Partern @ Red River West

- Yohan Stern, Founder & CEO @ Key Performance Groupe

- Yves Sisteron, Managing Partner @ Upfront Ventures 

- Emmanuel Marques, VP Customer Engagement @ Disney

- Alexis Khoury, Head of Sales and Business Strategy 3D & Immersive @Adobe

- Fred Raillard, Founder & President @ Fred et Farid

Round table animated by Armelle Petiau-Levy, USA Enterprise Director @ USA France Financials. 

With the participation of Martin Klam, delegate of the regional economic service. 

In the presence of Julie Duhaut-Bedos, General Consul of France in Los Angeles. 



As a community-based organization, our members and partners are our “raison d'être”. Don't be shy, let's connect!

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